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Janice Simpson is the Founder of Cosmetic Profits eLearning Management System and the eStudy Professional Aesthetics Society.  

Her core program is the Cosmetic Profits is an eLearning Management System designed for medical aesthetics practices including small independently owned to corporate organizations and franchises.  Janice has been teaching the Masterclass remotely and onsite since March 2016 and has evolved the course in real time, corresponding with industry changes and growth, from both the clinical and business standpoints. The Cosmetic Profits Masterclass was launched as an eLearning Management System in June 2019.

The development of Janice’s courses and programs was no easy or short-term effort.  Her work has been a cumulative 24 years in the making and combines traditional medical management with the management of the modern aesthetics patient in conjunction with the highest level of operational standards and leadership development. 

Janice’s experience includes 10 years of high acuity nursing in the fields of critical care, emergency, neuro-surgical recovery and open heart recovery. She entered the aesthetics arena in 2005 and has refined her expertise in nearly every aspect of the industry including advanced injector, clinical trainer for a well-known device company, medical spa owner, co-owner, preceptor and mentor.  

Between 2010 – 2012 she transitioned to the business side of the industry as a clinical sales trainer, coach, consultant, marketing manager and practice operations director. She has built medical spas from the ground up, integrated medical spas into medical practices with the ability to increase profitable revenue by between $10,000 to over $30,000 per month within three months of implementation of her programs.  Janice explains that the increased profitable revenue range depends mostly on the device resources and leadership and management abilities to guide the team while keeping them engaged. Janice credits her own abilities to increase profitable revenue by summing it up as “I simply practice what I teach.” Janice’s success in achieving higher ticket sales and profitable revenue has become her brand and contributed in the inception of the Cosmetic Profits comprehensive online business brand. 

While the Cosmetic Profits core brand is about practice profitability through optimal treatment outcomes and evolving treatment plans, Janice’s passion and sense of purpose is what drives the brand. Her complete spectrum of experiences embraces her eventful journey that began in 2005 and resulted in the development of methodical processes and algorithms from practice operations to the clinical consultation to the budget consultation, with the patient’s best interest always coming first. Janice teaches her practices the proportions of sales for profits is also the same that optimize treatment outcomes. She describes this as “A dynamic synergy that is a beautiful thing”.  

Janice explains that she first became goal driven in 2010, to build a company that could be ran efficiently from anywhere in the world with a phone, laptop and wifi. As a single mother, with a son who experienced Asperger’s and ADHD she found herself in a situation of needing to be both a career woman and a mom with the freedom to make her own schedule. Janice added more aesthetics industry experience with a variety of onsite and independent contractor projects that consisted of everything from field sales to onsite in medical spas, plastic surgery centers and dermatology practices. Janice says it was after these experiences that by mid- 2014, her purpose was ignited and became other driving force behind the Cosmetic Profits brand. Through numerous accounts of having the opportunity to observe both patients and practices in a cycle that was resulting in substandard treatment outcomes and the patient experiences, that she describes as “leaving a lot to be desired”, seeing practice owners handling money with little to no profits, she came to some conclusions. These conclusions were that working onsite, she could only help one practice and one patient base at time. Remotely she could only help two or three at the most.  Janice adds that the other blatantly obvious conclusion was that she was seemingly getting nowhere in the direction of her goals and “trapped in the washing machine with the people that needed my help.” Janice explains it was time for her to position herself to make a real difference and take her experience, methodologies and algorithms and make them available to any and every practice that wanted to be successful, achieve profits and be branded for excellence in procedure outcomes and the patient experience. 

 Janice says she is continually challenging herself and her company to achieve exponential growth by valuing time as “our greatest asset” and working accordingly.  She says she is always working to achieve a diamond standard and to be an enterprise such that when industry professionals and practice owners invest their trust in her and Cosmetic Profits that the only possible outcome is extraordinary success. 

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